Opera Fiber

Opera Nova
fiber laser cutting

Small and compact: Its footprint is slightly larger than its working area.

Full of technology: linear motors,process sensor, autofocusing head.

All in one: electrical unit, laser source, integrated control panel.


Linear Motors

Linear motors offering dynamic performance, acceleration and speed.

Laser Scanner

Pallet change area protection with the latest generation laser scanner to minimize the size
of the machine.

Pallet Change

Pallet change on 2 fixed levels, reducing to a minimum the exchange time.

Penta Fiber Head

Penta fiber head with capacity sensor.
Made in Italy

Laser Source

Fiber laser source with power and brand on request.

Control Panel

Control based on idustrial pc D.ELECTRON
Remote assistance.

Laser cut

with style

Custom painting double table.

Technical Data

1550X3050 mm
2050X4050 mm
2050x6050 mm
2000W, 3000W, 4000W,
6000W, 8000W, 12000W,

Cutting samples

campioni-di-taglio-opera-fiber (3)
campioni-di-taglio-opera-fiber (2)
campioni-di-taglio-opera-fiber (1)

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